A job where you increase the depth of your expertise in computer vision.
A job where you learn and implement the SOTA papers.
A job where you write vectorized code that runs in seconds, not in minutes.
A job where models learn to see and understand the world around them.
A job where models run real-time because you optimize every byte.
A job where you keep the career promises that you made to yourself.
A job where you keep the learning promises that you made to yourself.

If this scares you, don't read. If this excites you, we might love you.

We are looking for a passionate Machine Learning Engineer to join our team. The ideal candidate will be an enthusiastic developer with excellent academic record and have experience in doing the projects in the field of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. If building things and writing code excite you, this is the startup you belong.

Key Technologies

    Must be an expert in Python and Numpy.Knowledge and Experience with Tensorflow/Keras is must.
    Knowledge and exposure in deep learning techniques (CNN, RNN) on computer vision tasks (Object Detection and tracking, segmentation, Face recognition) is must.
    Knowledge of Model deployment for production.
    Knowledge of python web framework like Flask/Django.
    Unsatiable hunger for writing beautiful code.
    Knowledge of python design-patterns.
    Excellent communication skills and being able to work independently.
    Strong problem-solving and coding skills override everything else written above.


    Work with seasoned entrepreneurs
    Experience new generation of research and technology
    Extremely friendly and dynamic work environment
    Extremely well networked boards members
    Letter of recommendation
    Potential Job offer based on performance
    Flexible work hours
    Opportunity to work in an exciting & burgeoning field

Internship type:

Full Time


3-6 Months


Work From Home

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