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We're looking for a talented Fullstack Engineer - Intern to join our team. You will get to work on exciting project where you will have direct ownership of the product, and collaborate with other team.


    - Knowledge of multiple front-end languages and libraries (e.g. HTML/ CSS, JavaScript, XML, jQuery)
    - Knowledge of multiple back-end languages (e.g. C#, Java) and JavaScript frameworks (e.g. Angular, React, Node.js)
    - Familiarity with databases (e.g. MySQL, MongoDB), web servers (e.g. Apache) and UI/UX design
    - Excellent communication and teamwork skills
    - Great attention to detail
    Organizational skills
    - An analytical mind
    - Degree in Computer Science, Statistics or relevant field.


    Potential Job offer based on performance
    Flexible work hours
    Work with seasoned entrepreneurs
    Experience a new generation of research and technology
    Opportunity to work in an exciting & burgeoning field
    Stipend: based on performance

Internship type:

Full Time


1.5 - 2.5 Months


Work From Home

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