We strive to transform the human life by the democratization of Artificial Intelligence. Bringing it to the common people where its most needed. Join our journey to make this dream true.



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The recent development in Neural Networks & computational infrastructure has made easy the complex problem of Computer Vision. Let it be using it in the designing & implementing of a product, exploring the new ideas or even while doing day-to-day activities, everyone enjoys the benefits of using correct technology. Many time the technology is available, but cannot be used by common people due to its complexity, accessibility and cost. Wouldn't it be nice to make that technology available to everyone in the need? Wouldn't it be nice to make the technology available in much simpler and affordable manner?

At RapidAI Vision, we work for making complex technology available to the businesses, government and to the common people. We develop "useful and usable" software & APIs, which helps businesses and common people  in providing the automatic video surveillance. If you also believe in 'Transforming human life by the democratization of AI', we are the right fit for you.