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RapidAI TouchlessAttendance

In the era of digital revolution, technology is moving with a fast pace. With this changing digital landscape, one needs to be fully equipped and solution-ready to cater to their customers' demands. With this global pandemic, the dominant technology of yesterday, i.e. traditional biometric system, has become completely obsolete now.
Today, the biometric systems are used across all industry verticals to keep the record of employees’ in and out timings. It helps to bring in punctuality in the organization. This system has a direct impact on the productivity of employees, which eventually impacts the top-line and bottom-line of any organization.
But post COVID-19 pandemic, the scenario of its usage has completely changed. Now, asking all your employees to touch the common fingerprint scanning area, is surely an invitation to spread the viruses and bacteria.

RapidAI TouchlessAttendance is a next-generation, AI powered attendance system, which ensures that a contactless attendance recording gets done. Deep Learning based Face recognition algorithms can identify people by detecting their face, extracting its features and matching against the photos of all employees stored on the memory of device. The algorithm extracts facial features like key points of eyes, nose, lips, cheekbones, jaw etc. and derives these features in form of vector. This facial vector gets stored on the device, where the comparison takes place for recording of attendance.
To secure the privacy of employees or users, all their data would only be stored on the onboard memory of device.

The main issue with conventional Face-recognition is that it can be easily spoofed, it can't differentiate between real person or their image/footage. RapidAI TouchlessAttendance is capable of detecting the real/live person. It uses the inhouse designed anti-spoofing algorithm that can recognize whether the person is real or fake and will only record the attendance if that person is real.

Say goodbye to traditional biometric systems!

In the critical time of Global Pandemic, TouchlessAttendance is a need of hour!

​COVID-19 is more prone to spread while touching and coming in contact, so biometric systems are considered as critical transmitter of virus and have been prohibited by Companies as fingerprint reader is touched by all employees. Hence, in this digital era, most organizations have to move back to manual attendance, which is error prone and difficult to manage.


With an added layer of security: Passive Liveness Detection module

Face Recognition systems have been widely adopted for user authentication in security systems due to their simplicity and effectiveness. However, the main drawback of such systems is that they are vulnerable to spoof attacks. It is an easy way to fool face recognition systems by facial pictures such as print media, repetitive frames, replayed videos etc.

To overcome such problem, RapidAI Vision designed an in-house passive Liveness Detection module that adds an additional layer of security. It is trained on our own created dataset by using the combination of different methodology of Machine Learning & Deep Learning with  >99% of accuracy.

Product Description

    Camera: 2 MP with Night-Vision.
    Display: 8" HD 
    Connectivity: WiFi or LAN
    Power Input: 5V/4A
    Wall mount: Anti-theft
    Capacity: Optimized for up to 1000 employees per device.

Why RapidAI TouchlessAttendance?

    Real-time (takes less than a second).
    Highly accurate.
    Inhouse designed Networks.
    Anti-spoofing detection - can distinguish between real person and image/print-media/replayed-video of a person.
    Complete privacy of employees - no storage of data on clouds or external servers.
    Only one time expenditure, no external/hidden charges or monthly subscription.
    Free installation
    1-year warranty of all components and beyond 24*7 customer support.

Proudly Designed & Engineered in India

Let's make AatmNirbhar Bharat!

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