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RapidAI Vision

Providing Cognitive Surveillance as a Service...

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Providing Intelligent Surveillance and Security Solution

Solving the problem of analysis of tons of data in form of images and videos.

At RapidAI Vision, a leading player of Video Analytics, we are committed to solve the biggest problem in intelligent Surveillance - analysis of tons of data in form of videos. Most of the enterprises and Govt. agencies use IP cameras for surveillance to track their business operations, this requires manual monitoring which is inaccurate and time consuming. 

RapidAI Vision helps such enterprises to make sense of this data by implementing the different methodology of Artificial Intelligence which makes the system capable of doing automatic surveillance on behalf of the human eye. Our deep learning algorithms can detect any deviations in standard operating procedures and automatically list them and make them track able for all relevant stakeholders in the organisation.

Our Corner Stones

Strivers for perfection, That is what we are. The venture, right from the ideation, continually strives to integrate modern technologies and trying to transform them into reliable, affordable, and intelligent video analytic solutions. With a focus on perfection, we have defined and laid our corner stones, which are:

  • Domain Skills

  • Research & Development

  • Engineering and Technology Expertise

  • Customer oriented


Harnessing the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence

Detect any change in standard operating procedures using computer vision and machine learning algorithms.

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Object Detection

Object detection is a computer technology related to computer vision and image processing that deals with detecting instances of semantic objects of a certain class (such as humans, buildings, or cars) in digital images and videos.
Object detection algorithms typically use extracted features and learning algorithms to recognize instances of an object category.
It is commonly used in applications such as image retrieval, security, surveillance, automated vehicle parking systems, and intelligent traffic management system.
Some use cases of object detection include Face recognition, aerial image analysis, crowd monitoring & counting, and anomaly detection.

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Our Services

What We Provide



AI & Vision based algorithm to, surreptitiously, gather information about a target as captured from a distance or altitude.


AI and Deeptech Algorithm for Real time detection of defaulters.


AI and Deep Learning based Face Recognition Algorithm for Real time detection & recognition.


AI and Deeptech Algorithm for Real time detections & monitoring by image/ video data analytics.

Our Support System

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